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Thank you for visiting Birmingham & District Tinnitus Group's website. We hope the following details will be of some help to you.

Firstly we are concerned that our group should offer some practical support to people with tinnitus. For this purpose we send regular newsletters to all our members, providing the latest news about tinnitus support and research plus local stories. We also have a telephone information and support service for our members.

Aims of  our group:

  • To give all tinnitus sufferers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas access to up-to-date information through meetings, newsletters and support literature
  • To offer anyone troubled by tinnitus the chance to meet other sufferers in a supportive environment
  • To provide opportunities for members to share ideas about coping with tinnitus
  • To support tinnitus research and work towards improvement of services available to tinnitus sufferers
  • To sponsor relevant health professionals in their development to meet the needs of tinnitus patients

What we provide:

  • Useful information and self-help papers on our website
  • Access to practical support via Email or telephone
  • Counselling and information service
  • Monthly support sessions
  • A regular newsletter sent free of charge to all members
  • We offer a counselling and information service which we feel has proved helpful, and people do seem to benefit in terms of being more able to adjust to and cope with tinnitus.
  • Bursaries for Health Professionals that aim to give assistance in the payment of training and other courses related to the dealing with tinnitus patients.
    For information please contact John Carnie on 01905 21977 or e-mail

Membership Benefits:

  • Upon joining, you will be given a free booklet containing information on relaxation, hearing aids and many other ways of coping with tinnitus
  • 'Ears News' - our regular newsletter, free to all members

Lastly.. Birmingham & District Tinnitus Group do need your support, just being a registered member helps our cause, to give strength to our pressure group to campaign for more action, research and funding. In return we offer you a continuous support and information service.

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