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We are a local charity which endeavours to help people cope with the often distressing condition tinnitus. Through the website and other publications we are able to offer support over a much wider area.

We try to keep membership fees as low as possible so as not to deter people from joining and being kept up to date with all the latest information. However this means that the committee is always looking to other financial support to help maintain our services.

Fundraising information:

You may be able to help us in our endeavours by direct giving or by making use of our website shop.

To make a one off Paypal donation to Birmingham & District Tinnitus Group, click the link below which will take you to our Paypal payments page.

Go and make a donation

You can join us by clicking HERE and filling in the membership form, which also allows you to make a donation, either by cheque or Paypal.

Spend and Raise:

If you buy goods over the internet you can do so through our own shop front. Quite simply every time you buy online through this shop the relevant retailer pays us a commission, with no extra cost to you! The retailers in our shop include:

  • Marks and Spencer
  • Asda
  • Austin Reed
And many, many more. Why not give it a try you can even give to B&DTG whilst shopping for your groceries!

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