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Our newsletter 'Ears News' is published regularly and is sent free to all members. Click here for PDF version.

This newsletter has been welcomed both by people with tinnitus and by members of the medical profession. Not only does it provide details of the group's meetings and events, it includes the latest information and reports on research into tinnitus. There is also a section on news and events from the BTA.

Available! Relaxation CD

By special request Eileen Hewitson has recorded a Relaxation CD for the group. She has taught relaxation to patients with tinnitus, balance and Deep Relaxation - a journey. By Eileen Hewitsonhearing problems at City Hospital, Birmingham and ran training courses for health professionals to teach relaxation to their patients and clients. Her hearing loss and tinnitus started in her twenties.

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Available! Coping with Tinnitus CD

Our popular booklet which contains many of our coping with tinnitusoccasional papers on Coping with Tinnitus, including a six week relaxation course, is now available in audio format on a Double CD set. This will help many who are visually impaired and others who find this format helpful.


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