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Who we are

Birmingham & District

Tinnitus Group

We are a self-help group based in Birmingham in the heart of England.  Established in 1981 we have been helping the tinnitus community since that time.  Here’s just a few of the ways do that:


Providing up-to-date information through meetings, newsletters (Ears News) and support guides.


Giving anyone troubled by tinnitus the chance to meet other sufferers in a supportive environment.


Supporting tinnitus research and work towards improvement of services available

Our Commitment To YOU

Aims of our Group

As yet there is no medical cure for tinnitus, and for this reason; it needs to be managed from a therapeutic angle.  Information, advice and support are currently the best medicines for tinnitus, and belonging to a group is one way of receiving a regular dose!

Quite simply we aim to give the best support and information available to help people cope with tinnitus. We do this so tinnitus sufferers can enjoy a better quality of life. Another part of what we do is providing the medical profession with information so that they are more able to help their tinnitus patients. We also support additional research into this condition.


We believe in a world where nobody with tinnitus has to suffer alone. Our aim is that every tinnitus sufferer is fully empowered with the knowledge and resources to manage the condition and a community to support them. Whilst we primarily work in the local area, we want this information to be available to all.

What we provide

Here’s How We Help

Access to Practical Support

Counselling and Information

Bi-Monthly Support Sessions

Free Regular Newsletters & Updates

Bursaries for Health Professionals

Our Membership Benefits


Access to our new online community of tinnitus sufferers so you can always talk to someone who understands.


Be kept up to date with the latest information, advice and guidance on dealing with and managing your tinnitus so you can enjoy life again.


Attend our meetups, make new friends and support the research and development of tinnitus improvement services.

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